Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tulsa Feature Video

Here is more Tulsa video from Kathy Heil - The 1200cc Mini Sprint A Main

Check this out. Put your car on a diet. We had a top secret new battery in testing out at the Tulsa Shootout. It weighs in at a full 10 pounds lighter than the battery we had been running. Watch Speed Partz for an announcement on the availability of this new battery within the week.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thank You

I wanted to thank Kathy Heil for providing all the photos and video from the Tulsa Shootout.  I sure would have like to have been there.

Congratulations to Lynn Ambrose and Kevin Roberts Jr on their top three finishes.  Lynn is as tough as they come and a real pro with the wing off.  I ran several laps behind him at the Brownstown non-wing race and can tell you he knows what he is doing.  A little research shows that the Washington group came in with a real stacked deck, but Lynn almost had them taken care of.  In one of my earlier Blogs this year I noted Kevin Roberts Jr. as potentially the most under-rated driver.  Not a lot of fan fair, he just goes out and and does his thing...very well I might add.  Several other drivers deserve mention as it sounds as if just making the show was a real feat.  Two of our FOZ customers had strong runs.  Brett Burrows started in the number 12 position and came home sixth, while Beau Stewart started in tenth and came home seventh.  Drew Pollock started in the second position and came home in eigth.  Youngster Trey Gustin started in the back and was as high as tenth before spinning.  Congratulations also go out to Ryan Broughton and Ricky Taylor for making the feature.  Being the first year for the 1200s at the Shootout, all the drivers that made the trip deserve a lot of credit.  As several of them told me, there was a lot to figure out between the wing and the track.

GoPro Camera on board with TJ Heil in 1st B-Main.  Hoping we might get some in from Ryan Broughton upon his return also.

Actual Results

1200cc Non-Wing Mini Sprints (40 entries) :

Heat Races (8 Laps - Top 14 in Passing Points to “A” Main, Balance to “B” Mains):

Heat 1: 1. 17h-Derek Holmwood (Bellingham, WA), 2. 27-Beau Stewart (Xenia, OH), 3. 37-Lynn Ambrose (Owensboro, KY), 4. 03-Ricky Taylor (Washington Ct. House, OH), 5. 18-Jeff Gieg (Johnstown, CO), 6. 2a-Austin Archdale (Brimfield, IL), 7. 13e-T.J. Heil (North Bend, OH), 8. 26-Chris Crowder (Colorado Springs, CO).

Heat 2: 1. 7-Drew Pollock (Meadowview, VA), 2. 11-David Applegate (Milan, IN), 3. 46-Dusty Murray (Kansas City, MO), 4. 35-Jacob Wilson (Crawfordsville, IN), 5. 53-Megan Wood (Monticello, IN), 6. 22w-Michael Weber (Cincinnati, OH), 7. 2-Chaz Gregory (Pekin, IL), 8. 25e-Eric Semple (Seamen, OH).

Heat 3: 1. 3-Jimmy Wood (Monticello, IN), 2. 65-Chris Bounds (Lima, OH), 3. 07-Joseph Monger (Calhan, CO), 4. 51-Brent Burrows (Lewistown, IL), 5. 1-Kendall Rupard (Raymore, MO), 6. 80-Troy Gustin (West Union, OH), 7. 22c-John Campbell, Sr. (Southaven, MS), 8. 7T-Randy Reed (Springfield, IL).

Heat 4: 1. 15m-Shane Morgan (Morton, IL), 2. 21-Ryan Cully (Burlington, WA), 3. 20-Brennan Gregory (Pekin, IL), 4. 49-Bobby Layne (Olathe, KS), 5. 22-Bryan Boughton (Bainbridge, OH), 6. 15-Aaron Fell (Abbotsford, BC), 7. 4w-Clinton Wilson (Crawfordsville, IN), 8. 2b-Jeff Barnhart (Bainbridge, OH).

Heat 5: 1. 93-Mark Billings (Columbia, MO), 2. 22r-Kevin Roberts, Jr. (Washington Ct. House, OH), 3. 10-Brock Lemley (Bellingham, WA), 4. 83g-Matt Gilbert (Merriam, KS), 5. 9-Chris Schofield (Raymore, MO), 6. 87-Liam Ryan (Langley, BC), 7. 25-Michael Rotramel (Colorado Springs, CO), 8. 4k-Kevin Roberts (Greenfield, OH).

Top 14 in Passing Points (Locked into Saturday Night's Feature): 1. 22r-Kevin Roberts, Jr. (Washington Ct. House, OH), 2. 7-Drew Pollock (Meadowview, VA), 3. 21-Ryan Cully (Burlington, WA), 4. 3-Jimmy Wood (Monticello, IN), 5. 37-Lynn Ambrose (Owensboro, KY), 6. 46-Dusty Murray (Kansas City, MO), 7. 17h-Derek Holmwood (Bellingham, WA), 8. 15m-Shane Morgan (Morton, IL), 9. 93-Mark Billings (Columbia, MO), 10. 27-Beau Stewart (Xenia, OH), 11. 07-Joseph Monger (Calhan, CO), 12. 51-Brent Burrows (Lewistown, IL), 13. 49-Bobby Layne (Olathe, KS), 14. 83g-Matt Gilbert (Merriam, KS).

“B” Mains (12 Laps – Top 3 from each advance to “A” Main):

B Main 1: 1. 10-Brock Lemley (Bellingham, WA), 2. 22-Bryan Broughton (Bainbridge, OH), 3. 53-Megan Wood (Monticello, IN), 4. 35-Jacob Wilson (Crawfordsville, IN), 5. 1-Kendall Rupard (Raymore, MO), 6. 26-Chris Crowder (Colorado Springs, CO), 7. 2-Chaz Gregory (Pekin, IL), 8. 4k-Kevin Roberts (Greenfield, OH), 9. 22w-Michael Weber (Cincinnati, OH), 10. 13e-T.J. Heil (North Bend, OH), 11. 2a-Austin Archdale (Brimfield, IL), 12. 25-Michael Rotramel (Colorado Springs, CO), 13. 11-David Applegate (Milan, IN).

B Main 2: 1. 03-Ricky Taylor (Washington Ct. House, OH), 2. 80-Troy Gustin (West Union, OH), 3. 7T-Randy Reed (Springfield, IL), 4. 22c-John Campbell, Sr. (Southaven, MS), 5. 25e-Eric Semple (Seamen, OH), 6. 87-Liam Ryan (Langley, BC), 7. 15-Aaron Fell (Abbotsford, BC), 8. 9-Chris Schofield (Raymore, MO), 9. 18-Jeff Gieg (Johnstown, CO), 10. 20-Brennan Gregory (Pekin, IL), 11. 2b-Jeff Barnhart (Bainbridge, OH). 13. 4w-Clinton Wilson (Crawfordsville, IN), 14. 65-Chris Bounds (Lima, OH).

“A” Main (20 Laps): 1. 17h-Derek Holmwood (Bellingham, WA), 2. 37-Lynn Ambrose (Owensboro, KY), 3. 22r-Kevin Roberts, Jr. (Washington Ct. House, OH), 4. 3-Jimmy Wood (Monticello, IN), 5. 10-Brock Lemley (Bellingham, WA), 6. 51-Brent Burrows (Lewistown, IL), 7. 27-Beau Stewart (Xenia, OH), 8. 7-Drew Pollock (Meadowview, VA), 9. 49-Bobby Layne (Olathe, KS), 10. 83g-Matt Gilbert (Merriam, KS), 11. 93-Mark Billings (Columbia, MO), 12. 15m-Shane Morgan (Morton, IL), 13. 21-Ryan Cully (Burlington, WA), 14. 7T-Randy Reed (Springfield, IL), 15. 80-Trey Gofin (West Union, OH), 16. 07-Joseph Monger (Calhan, CO), 17. 22-Bryan Broughton (Bainbridge, OH), 18. 03-Ricky Taylor (Washington Ct. House, OH), 19. 46-Dusty Murray (Kansas City, MO), 20. 53-Megan Wood (Monticello, IN).

Lap Leaders: Kevin Roberts, Jr. 1-7, Derek Holmwood 8, Lynn Ambrose 9-13, Holmwood 14-20.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What we've heard so far

Race is over Roberts Jr. is 4rd, Beau Stewart is 6th and Drew Pollock 7th.

Applegate Flips in B Main

Locked in for tonight

1200cc Non-Wing Mini Sprint: 1. 22r-Kevin Roberts, Jr. (Washington Ct. House, Ohio), 2. 7-Drew Pollock (Meadowview, Va.), 3. 21-Ryan Cully (Burlington, Wash.), 4. 3-Jimmy Wood (Monticello, Ind.), 5. 37-Lynn Ambrose (Owensboro, Ky.), 6. 46-Dusty Murray (Kansas City, Mo.), 7. 17h-Derek Holmwood (Bellingham, Wash.), 8. 15m-Shane Morgan (Morton, Ill.), 9. 93-Mark Billings (Columbia, Mo.), 10. 27-Beau Stewart (Xenia, Ohio), 11. 07-Joseph Monger (Calhan, Colo.), 12. 51-Brent Burrows (Lewistown, Ill.), 13. 49-Bobby Layne (Olathe, Kan.), 14. 83g-Matt Gilbert (Merriam, Kan.).
Read more from this Tulsa World article at

The latest

Bits and pieces coming in from Tulsa. Kevin Roberts is on the pole, Ricky Taylor is in, Beau Stewart is in, Ryan Broughton is in. That is all we know so far.

TJ Heil finished tenth in his B-main. They were happy with the run as he started 12th. They said there was still a lot of carnage. They think Mike Weber finished right in front of TJ. David Applegate hit the wall. Barnhart flipped.

Report back from last night was that there were several flips and much carnage:

Friday, December 31, 2010

Quick Update

I have been out of pocket at the motocross track with my daughters today, but here is what I have heard.

Beau Stewart and David Applegate each took second place finishes in their heat races. Stewart picked up some decent passing points in his session. TJ Heil spun out of his heat race. Kevin Roberts, Ryan Broughton and Kevin Roberts Sr all flipped in their heat races. Will try to get in touch and find out if they will be able to continue. Next up is two B mains tomorrow morning that will set the field. I apologize if any of this was incorrecty reported-catching information as I can.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Session 2 Video

Photos out of the Heil Camp

At least one of you looks like you're having fun!

After round two of practice...

Just spent some time on the telephone with a few individuals who are at the Tulsa Shootout:

Mert Tague was hanging out in the pits.  She said it is a really fun atmosphere.  Most all of the AMSA guys are pitted in the same area.  Jerry was up watching the Eco Tech midgets run.  Mert says that she heard there were a total of 45 mini sprints signed in.  She said Jerry spent some time talking with Emmit Hahn.  He is very happy with the mini sprint turnout and says that they will be back for next year's edition of the Tulsa Shootout.  Mert says everyone is walking around sharing stories and food...including her own ham and beans.

Ryan Broughton said he is having a great time and really enjoying the track.  He compared it to Logansport, only wider in the corners.  Ryan's dad was very happy with the way he looked in the second session and said the car seemed to be coming off the corners very well.  Ryan said the track slicked off for the second session and a nice cushion developed out by the wall.  He said he ran a good portion of the sesssion up there.  He said he was trying to give everyone plenty of room in the session as there are still several drivers dialing in both their cars and driving (without a wing).  Ryan said no heats had been posted yet, but he feels like he had a decent draw that could put him somewhere up in the front two rows.  I asked Ryan how the mini sprints were stacking up against the Eco-Tech Midgets.  He said he didn't get to watch them much, but thought the mini sprints were quicker.  Jacob Wilson who was standing next to Ryan while I was on the phone with him was shaking his head in agreement.  Stay tuned we are working to get some of Ryan's in-car video posted.

I also talked with Thomas Nelson, crew chief for local sprint car driver Mike Weber.  Thomas said that they were a little too tight for the first session, but the car was pretty good for the second session.  He said they had trouble telling what they really wanted to do as there were several spins in their session.  He said that he is really enjoying the atmosphere.  He said everyone is really friendly and everything has gone pretty smoothly so far.  He said that it is incredibly warm out there- he thought 75 degrees.

Here are a few photos I pulled down from Ryan Broughton...a little blurry, but they help you get in the spirit.

Ryan Broughton's car

This gives you an idea of the magnitude of this place.  That's a bunch of race cars and trailers to get under one roof

A freshly groomed racing surface...won't stay that way long with an estimated 700 cars running on it.

From the looks of it, I would say this is the Robert's family pit stalls.

How I spent my Christmas Break..TJ and Phil Heil.

I will post more information as I talk to folks.

Video from Morning Session

Here is some video from this morning's 1200cc upright mini sprint practice at the Tulsa Shootout that TJ Heil's mom, Kathy was nice enough to share with us.(makes it really tough to be sitting in Cincinnati) As of last evening there were 39 1200cc mini sprints signed in. It sounds as if everyone is searching for the right setup and gearing. They are scheduled for another session last this afternoon. Hope to post more afterwards.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Moving In

My dad said he has talked to several people as they have been moving into the Expo center getting there spots. A few late local additions include Trey Gustin and Eric Semple, also Mike Weber and crew were rolling out of our shop today at about 10:00 a.m. Last we heard they were about two hours shy of Tulsa...sounds like a long day. Practice for the 1000cc mini sprints is supposed to start at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Hope to provide a few more updates after practice.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Change of Plans

This morning started with a reminder of how fragile both life and our plans can be. This morning started with a phone call informing us of my father-in-law's passing just minutes earlier. While he had been ill, no one anticipated just how short his time on earth would be.

While we were looking forward to the Shootout for many different reasons, it will unfortunately have to wait another year (the good Lord willing). The last month and a half has been an all out dash to get a car ready to go, it will be disappointing not to get it on the track. We had a few new trick parts that we were anxious to debut. I guess we'll probably show them off on the site soon. I would like to wish the best-of-luck to all of our customers and friends that are making the trip. I hate to be prejudice but would like to give a special shout out to the several drivers that will be in FOZ Race Cars including Beau Stewart, T.J. Heil, Jacob Wilson, David Applegate, Brett Burrows and Megan Wood. We will sure miss the chance to catch up and enjoy some good racing with each of you.

I was really excited about being able to bring updates back to everyone toughing out the winter at home. All though I won't be able to do it first hand, I will still attempt to do my best to provide updates as I talk with the drivers in attendance. Be sure to check back.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Putting the cars in the trailer

Not too exciting, but thought it would be a good chance to test out the new video camera.  Here is a quick clip of the cars getting loaded in for the trip out to Tulsa.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the ground

Finally down on the ground

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Tulsa Shootout - A Week Away

We're down to crunch time - working fast and furious to get our car done for the race.  We leave next Tuesday evening, but the car has to go in the trailer Sunday.  I special thanks to the Stewarts for trailering our car out to the event.  I'll be sharing pit space with Beau and his family and T.J. Heil and his family.  All great people that we really enjoy being around.

Crunch time - trying to pull together all the loose ends on our car so we can get it loaded up on Sunday for the trip.

The game plan for this portion of the website is to bring you as much in the way of blog entries, video and photos as possible leading up to and during our trip to the Tulsa Shootout.  How regularly we update will depend on the quality of Internet access inside the Expo Center.  We are bringing along all of the digital and video cameras in our house in hopes of capturing all the points of interest.  A special thanks goes out to GoPro for providing one of their new HD cameras for the trip.  I am hopeful that this will allow us to get some in car footage.  We've also seen several of the GoPro cameras purchased at Speed Partz.  I will try to track down the guys running those cameras to see if we can post some of their in-car also.

It appears our trip should be an action packed few days of racing.  The Tulsa Shootout website says that they are currently expecting in excess of 700 cars.  This is a lot of mini sprints and modified midgets considering they have pulled the go-karts from the show this year.  In the upright mini sprint category there are at 31 cars from 8 different states and 2 different countries signed in.  We know of at least a few additional cars that are not currently signed up that are making the trip.  It sounds as if it will be tough to just make the show.  If you would like to know more about the Tulsa Shootout, be sure to check out last month's story in magazine by clicking here.

You probably have noticed the logo in our banner above.  We are pretty excited about the partnership we have formed with this group.  FFJournal is a magazine devoted to the metal forming and fabricating industry.  They have created a online channel that features videos on fabricators.  It is some really interesting viewing, especially during these winter months.  We are planning on working with the group in the early months of 2011 to produce a few episodes that show what goes into building a mini sprint.  Be sure to check out their video channel at  Some of our postings during the Tulsa Shootout will be designed to help viewers understand what a mini sprint is.

We'll be starting with regular posts to this site in the next day or so...stay tuned.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our car is almost done and ready to go to Tulsa

FFJTV.COM Joins for the Tulsa Shootout welcomes along for the ride as we make our first appearance at the 22nd annual Tulsa Shootout. is an online component of the nation’s premier magazine devoted to the forming and fabricating industry.  The online channel features several episodes focused on turning metal into moving art and can be accessed at 
The partnership for the Tulsa Shootout is in anticipation of episodes in 2011 focusing on the building of a mini sprint racing car.  Bringing viewers along for the ride provides an opportunity to introduce viewers to mini sprint racing and short track open wheel dirt track racing at one of the nation’s largest attended events.
An online diary of the trip featuring short text entries, photographs and video will be featured on or directly at  The event takes place December 29th through January 1st with updates beginning immediately as we prepare for our trip.  Just like the Tulsa Shootout, is a great way for motor heads to kill the winter blues.